High Fiber Recipes for Hannukah

Put on your yamulke...here comes Hanukkah! Okay. It's official. This calendar year, the eight day winter festival begins on the same day as Christmas. Here's a hint. No matter which holiday you celebrate, choose high fiber foods if you want to control overeating.

Eating high fiber foods will satisfy your hunger and make you feel full. By selecting high fiber recipes for Hanukkah, you can offer foods that could likely lower the absorption of fats.

That, my festive friends, is a great advantage for avoiding the dreaded holiday weight gain. Just remember the goal is to consume 25-35 grams of daily fiber.

The Hanukkah tradition of frying in oil is considered the culinary symbol of lighting a menorah. What would Hanukkah be without the latke? There are always some much-loved dishes and foods on the table, but you can easily tweak those classics with some precious grams of high fiber. Maybe they will become part of family tradition for years to come.

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